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Welcome to the
B Corp community!

Here's everything you need to help you make the most of your certification.

Just certified?

Start with the welcome pack to find everything from the new B Corp blog to how to plan for the journey ahead.


Showing off the B

You earned the right to B! Explore some of our favourite ways B Corps have used the logo, then use the files below to get creative.  Be sure to check out the B Corp brand book before finalising any designs.


Telling your story

Telling the world about your B Corp Certification can be tricky. To make it easier, here are some examples from when our community did it well. (Plus this handy guide from Nice and Serious).

Getting your team onboard

Embedding B Corp throughout your business will help you get the most out of your certification. Check out these resources to help you get started.

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 Get your team up to speed

Before announcing your certification, be sure your team can answer the questions 'What is a B Corp?' and 'Why did you become one?'


Share the free Introduction to B Corps short course to get everyone familiar with the movement.

Mapping your road to improvement

Becoming a B Corp is committing to continuous improvement. To be prepared for recertification, here are some things to consider.


Your improvement report


Once you've finished your certification, download your improvement report to help inform your strategy.

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B Corp best practices

Many B Corps open source their policies and handbooks to help other businesses improve. Use the resources available to guide your improvement.


Get prepared


A network of B Consultants can help you improve your impact, from recertification to a plan for growth.

Staying connected to B Corps

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the B Corp community in Australia & New Zealand. Get connected to share learnings, get inspired and grow a movement of purpose-led businesses. 

Come together online

The B Corp Community is an online platform created by B Corps for B Corps. It's a great place to ask questions, share resources, give recommendations, or connect with other B Corp employees in Australia & New Zealand.

Check out the

B Hive

The B Hive is an online space for the global B Corp community. If you want to connect with B Corps outside of Australia & New Zealand, the B Hive is the place to go. 

Join the Climate Collective

Australia & New Zealand recently launched its very own B Corp Climate Collective. If you're passionate about climate action - from lobbying government to consumer campaigns - check out their website.

Explore community events

Community calendar

Find online or in-person events, action group meetings, and more from the community here.

B Corps leading the way

B Corps are known for being leaders. Here are some of the ways B Corps make it easy to use a business as a force for good.

Going Climate+

As climate action becomes increasingly urgent, Tentree created this page to help customers offset the impact of their everyday activities. From binge watching Netflix to an international drive, they have just about everything covered.


Copy, paste, better business

Code for Australia found that documenting their policies and employee handbooks was hard work. To make it easier for other businesses to follow suit, they open-sourced everything from their certification process. Pretty nice, right?