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Welcome to the B Corp Guide! 

As the name suggests, this resource is designed to help you navigate your B Corp certification journey. It answers common questions about B Corp certification, such as: What are the requirements? What is the process? How long does it take? What does it cost? What resources do I need? Where can I get help?

See how points are calculated as you answer questions in the assessment.

How to use this guide

Reading this guide from start to finish should take you around 30 minutes. We suggest reading the entire Guide before you start the B Impact Assessment (BIA). Allocate additional time if you are exploring “further learning” materials.


If you have already started the BIA, no worries - you will still learn something new from the Guide! Importantly, focus on the BIA Set Up section to ensure that you have set up your assessment to accurately reflect your business. 


Who is this for?

This guide is for all aspiring B Corps or anyone new to B Corp certification - whether you have only just heard of B Corp, or if you have spent some time in the B Impact Assessment. This guide would also be valuable for new B Keepers (our term of endearment for B Corp champions) in existing certified B Corps. 


All parts of this guide (particularly Section 6: Submit and Verify) is intended for small to medium-sized companies who are certifying under the Standard Approach. 


There are different certification approaches for companies with Complex Structures, Large Companies and Multinational companies. If your company’s annual revenue is above $100 million; AND you have 10 or more subsidiaries, or operate in 5 or more countries or in 2 or more industries, please contact us here.

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