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Find out what you need to do to get your company certified as a B Corp. 

Key points

  • It's never too early to start the B Impact Assessment (BIA).

  • Get your team on board - many hands make light work!

  • The process to become a B Corp will take at least 12 months for most companies, so plan ahead.

The requirements



Complete the BIA and spend time improving your business operations to reach 80 points or more.



Commit to stakeholder governance in your constitution and protect your company's mission.

*The legal requirement now applies to both Australian and Aotearoa NZ companies.



Once you've certified, show off your Impact Score on our B Corp Directory. 

Committing to the journey ahead

With more companies looking for ways to improve their social and environmental impact, we're experiencing record demand for certification. You can expect wait times after you submit your assessment

Learn more in the Submit & Verify section

The following timeline is based on a typical company's journey, but it may vary based on the size and complexity of your business, your team's involvement, your current operational score, and demands on our certification team. Many organisations take more than one year to certify, so keep this in mind while planning your timeline.


Before you certify 

Understand the business case and the legal requirement 

Read about why companies are becoming B Corps and the benefits of certification.

Find out what the legal requirement involves. 

Get your whole team involved 

Input from leadership teams and functional experts like HR, Finance, Operations, and Legal will make the process easier, so get their support early.

Do a first pass of the BIA

Expected time: 5+ hours

Complete as much of the assessment as you can and bookmark questions to revisit later. 

Need support? Come to a workshop or work with a B Consultant. 

Collect documents and improve score

Expected time: 1+ month

Collect any missing answers from your team and complete the BIA to get your baseline score. 


A handy tip: Try creating an Asana project and group questions to assign to team members!

Reach 80+ and submit

Once you've reached 80+ points, submit your assessment to be reviewed to certify as a B Corp. Don't forget to celebrate your hard work!


Expected time: 9+ months

Pay a submission fee to join the queue for our global standards team to review and verify your assessment. Use this time for improving your impact and collecting any additional documentation.

After you certify 

Publish your impact report 

Update your B Corp profile and publish your Impact Report on our B Corp Directory. 

Join the B Corp Community 

Celebrate your certification and share this with your employees and stakeholders! 


Recertify every 3 years to maintain your certification. Ten percent of B Corps are randomly selected for an in-depth Site Review each year.

Annual certification fees

Certification fees are based on a company's annual revenue. Please note these prices are in local currency AUD or NZD, depending on country of headquarter.

Under $5M








Up to $75M

Up to $100M

Up to $175M

Up to $250M

Up to $500M

Up to $750M

Up to $1B


Up to $150k

Up to $500k

Up to $700k

Up to $1M

Up to $1.5M

Up to $2M

Up to $3M









Up to $5M

Up to $7.5M

Up to $10M

Up to $15M

Up to $20M

Up to $30M

Up to $50M








A submission fee of $250 AUD applies to companies who submit their B Impact Assessment. Learn more here.

*Companies with annual revenue exceeding $1b, please contact B Lab directly to find out about fees

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